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Women’s Transitions? a process……

Celebrating Women’s Transitions!?  What are “women’s transitions” anyway?  Before getting into today’s post…please look for our RSS Feed link on our site.   I keep tweaking…all feedback is welcome!

I have to tell you a story before getting underway — it guides how I approach today’s challenge.  It starts with  a guy, whose name I’ll change to Stewart.  Stewart is an executive at Iron Mountain, an S&P 500 corporation.   For the past four years I had the great pleasure of serving as Iron Mountain’s head of Human Resources and Administration.  Stewart was a super, über “corporate guy.”   I was usually entertained by his calculated moves.  He was a corporate chess player “extraordinaire” –   Ever met anyone like this?

Anyway Stewart got me one day.  I didn’t even see it coming.  He agreed with me in a private very-critical “pre-meeting” on a topic.  Then he set me up in front of the CEO in a more public meeting by changing his position 180 degrees.  I should have seen it coming — I was just too exhausted to see it that day.

In spite of this craziness Stewart used a positioning on occasion which I thought was masterful.  It went simply…”let’s start with where we agree.”

So, on transitions, let’s start with where we agree: Continue reading


“Please pull out a piece of paper,” so started my facilitation of a career event sponsored by the Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  I asked each participant to write down what their professional aspirations were – using a 5 year time frame.  We spent the next twenty minutes discussing what folks had jotted down.  What happened next amazed me. Continue reading