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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

It struck me this morning as I reviewed my shopping list for tomorrow’s feast that I’ve learned a thing or two about Thanksgiving.  It isn’t hidden in my special recipe for Bourbon Sweet Potatoes.  Nor is it found in the holiday meal preparation guide that I’ve read and re-read in the Food Section of the New York Times. It is found in the work that I do everyday, work that more and more looks and feels like a ‘how to’ guide for navigating the emotions our lives.

Tomorrow when you reach across the table to pass the cranberry sauce, I hope you keep in mind two important perspectives from our work together in transition. Continue reading

The Best You…

“Don’t tell me what you did,” said a recruiter participating on a recent panel that I attended.  “Tell me the value you provided your employer.  Tell me how you made a difference.”   As I sat there listening to this exchange it occurred to me that the language being used to define success in the work world is slowly and quietly shifting from performance to value.   ‘Value creation‘ is everywhere.  Am I the only one hearing it? Continue reading