Welcome 1st Time Visitors!

Welcome to Novofemina.   I am thrilled you’ve taken the time to explore our discussion about women’s transitions.  We’ve had plenty to talk about since our inception in April 2011.   Please join our discussion by commenting on what you read or by registering for our weekly email alerts.  I’d love to have your voice as part of our conversation.

For 1st time visitors we’ve pulled together a selection of our posts on the list below.  We hope that you enjoy this overview.  We are in the process of creating a directory of posts that will make it easier to find posts related to topics like, ‘starting your transition’ or ‘searching for a new role.’   Let us know what topics would be most useful to you.  Simply use the comment space below.

Welcome once again to Novofemina.com!

The Question   Our first post!

The Courage of No

Summer Book Review Finale: Learnings?

The Baseline:  An elusive tool

Must we all be entrepreneurs?

Leading with gratitude

Little known transition attributes: courage and silence

Valentine’s Day and Transition: A common link

Curiosity and Transition: Are these related?

Risk and Failure

Transition: Learnings and Laughs One Year In…

Transition and Steve Jobs: Shared Learnings?

2012 Summer Book Review Finale: What if?

Career and Life Blockers

The self we project

Live the life you’ve imagined

Time for questions

The other F word

The Awareness Anchor

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11 responses to “Welcome 1st Time Visitors!

  1. Cyndi Mikkelson

    Linda, thanks for a very inspirational and motivational presentation to kick off reunion weekend! Your comments have stuck with me and I will be sharing them with my daughter who is entering high school next year – I think they have application to all parts of our lives, not just work and career ( # 8 Integration!).

  2. JoAnn Santiago

    Thank you for hosting the networking mash-up. It was a wonderful event which I hope is repeated.

  3. Wow !!!! such inspiration , i loved this blog….

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  8. Just discovered your site/blog. Loved your message about keeping our hearts connected to what we are doing. I look forward to reading your posts for 1st Time Visitors. Thank you for sharing your voice : )

  9. Thank you, Linda, for an outstanding session today involving LinkedIn, addressing the gap in interviews and overcoming barriers. I left feeling excited about helping others as well as reinvigorated about my own search.

  10. Thanks for the feedback Courtney. Great to work with you this morning at the Winchester Public Library!

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