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Novofemina joined The Huffington Post as a weekly blogger in 2014.  Check out our 1st feature.  A selection of the posts are below:

Novofemina’s posts have been syndicated frequently on Blogher.com! Check it out.


Novofemina contributed to “Make the most of your new executive role, ” The Boston Sunday Globe’s Job Doc column September 23, 2012.  Check it out!


On June Linda Rossetti hosted Simmons College‘s Business MashUP Event.  In her remarks she shared “10 Observations to Living Your Best Professional Life.”  They are excerpted below:

10) Foundation: Know your personal financials or “economics”.  Responsibility & accountability lie with you on this one.  The answers are highly individual depending on your situation.

9) Risk: Try on RISK in ever-increasing amounts.  Avoid being reckless but continually experiment with greater and greater quantities.

8) Integrate: Be who you are in all aspects of your life.  Dignify your very broad roles by integrating them into your career choices.  Be who you are everywhere – school, work, home, and community.

7) Network: Assemble fans and join fan clubs.  Many seek a “mentor”.  In my experience it is never “1” person but a host of folks who are willing to really listen between the lines.  Also, leverage non-affiliated peers <i.e. those outside your group or division> with whom you can honestly discuss issues or float “trial” balloons.  Be available to return the favor.

6) Value Proposition: Create your value proposition and exercise your voice.  What do you stand for?  What unique perspective do you bring to the table? Develop it. Write it down.  Use it in your role and in your relationships: in networking, in seeking new employment.   Embrace learning as you continually expand your “value prop”.

5) Timing: Understand when its time to move on.  Know when your learning has hit a plateau and transition as quickly as possible once that has occurred.

4)  Feedback: Find credible critics and embrace their message.  A leading executive coach shared his perspective with me on this.  In his opinion, #1 consistent attribute to leaders he sees is adaptability.

3) Live: Succeed Daily.  Your story is a journey not an event.  You get to decide how you show up every day.  Live everyday.

2) Roles: Create your own job.  Change in your organization is a Trojan Horse of opportunity.  Seek opportunity that allows you to continually integrate your interests and unique value proposition.

1) Success: Define your objective.  What is success for you?  Are you dreaming big enough?

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