What does NovoFemina Mean?

Novofemina.com is a blog about professional and personal transition issues in women’s lives.  Novofemina is derived from Latin words meaning “women’s renewal.”  It’s constructed from two latin words; novo and femina.  Novo’s latin definition is “to make new; to renew; to change; to re-invent.”  Femina is the latin word for “woman.”

Novofemina is an attempt to celebrate & dignify the transition process for women – a process which has added complexity given the broad and diverse roles that we play in society.  We are contributors in our chosen profession.  But, we are also parents and spouses and daughters and ex-daughters-in-law and stepmothers and community leaders and volunteers and deacons and on and on.

Here is what convinced me to start this blog:

I am in the process of transition.  Shockingly it seems that the majority of women I encounter – regardless of age – are also in transition.  The widespread nature of this topic – let alone its complexity – fascinates me.  I am determined to figure out a process to support women in transition — this blog is about creating that process and my observations along the way.

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3 responses to “What does NovoFemina Mean?

  1. Hearing about others’ transitions is reassuring. Knowing what worked for them is even better! Thanks Linda, I have needed this for a long time!

  2. This is a brilliant topic and not something we’re well prepared for in our culture. In college it hardly occurred to me that I may have several careers and major interests in my lifetime, let alone situation changes within those areas. I am very happy to follow your journey on NovoFemina!

  3. Jaimie Irish

    What a wonderful idea! Transitions seem to be a part of my daily life! Thank you Lin for taking the time to create somewhere for women to speak with ease and take the insight of others to help with our own constant changing worlds.
    All my best. Go NovoFemina!

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