Thank you for investigating Novofemina’s groundbreaking research into Women and Transition.  For those interested in participating in our 2014 Focus Groups please send an email with your name and location to  We will send you information on Focus Groups in your area.

Our 2013 Research Jam And On-going Research

Our Research Jam ran between January 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.   What is a research jam?  A jam is a brief technology-enabled brainstorming on a specific subject.   IBM fashioned the most successful early JAMS.   In 2006 then CEO Sam Palmisano hosted an Innovation Jam, an online discussion that attracted 150,000 participants in 72 hours.  Ours had a more modest goal over 90 days…. We’d love your voice to be a part of this growing targeted resource.

What is Novofemina’s view of women’s transition?   Here are some basics….

  • Transition is a process that occurs repeatedly over the arc of a woman’s life;
  • While our transitions vary depending on personal circumstances, our transitions share a large set of common traits;
  • Women don’t often talk about their transitions so the commonality and potential learning is left untapped; and
  • There is an enormous amount we can learn from each other so that in total we can navigate transition more effectively for the benefit of all aspects of our lives.

Won’t you add your experience to our collective knowledge?  We’d love to include your perspective.

Three ways you can get involved in our on-going research:

  1. Take our online survey.  It’s easy and quick.  No registration is required.
  2. Join a Focus Group or participate in a One-on-One interview.   Interested?  We can send you dates for events in a location nearest you.  We’d love to include you.  Email interest and your location to
  3. Connect us with the experts.  Are you part of a women’s group?  Alumni Association?  Book Group?  Professional Association?  We can tailor a speaking engagement on Women & Transition specifically to the needs of your group.  Email interest to

What about privacy?

Rest assured that we will maintain the privacy of all respondents.  We are thrilled with the prospect of your participation and treat this issue with the utmost importance.  For our online survey no registration is required.

Great Thanks!  I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help us advance this important emerging knowledge base of women’s transition!  Let me know how it can help you.  Linda Rossetti, otherwise know as

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