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In search of voice

Voice.  To me voice represents the means by which we communicate what we care about to others.  It might best be described as the framework we offer to others about ourselves.   While oral…it also has significant non-verbal components.  How do you think about voice? Continue reading

When does transition start?

“Nancy, Nancy, wake up!” I screeched as I tried to wake my sister from across the room.  She and I had slept for an hour or two on chairs as we kept vigil at the hospital.   My dad, the patient whose hand I was holding, had been battling cancer.   Over the week leading up to that morning he’d gone from responsive and laughing to captive in a body fatigued by a long, complicated disease.   Thirty minutes earlier I woke up to his erratic breathing.  I knew it was time to say goodbye.  “Wake up!” Continue reading