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Yuletide greetings…

“I love yuletide,” chirped a friend as I explained a kooky Winter Solstice tradition in our household.  She threw me a little with her use of yuletide.   My favorite online dictionary defines it as, “the period of celebration of a pre-Christian festival associated with the (northern) winter solstice.” (Wiktionary)

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Summer Book Review #16: Confidence

“Today is just the beginning, it’s where you go from here that matters,” said David McCullough, Jr., a high school english teacher from Wellesley, MA and a faculty commencement speaker.  His words were powerful and more sophisticated than anything I heard at 18.  He went on, “I urge you to do whatever you do for no other reason than you love it and you believe in its importance.”   Mr. McCullough engaged my spirit with his directives…worthwhile whether you stand at commencement or in a transition somewhere post graduation. Continue reading