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Summer Book Review #28: Getting to 50/50

“My husband never ran out of a personal care product,” bragged a distant aunt about a household she’d run for close to 50 years.  She’d crafted her life as a homemaker and mother who took obvious pride in the subtleties of her world.  How do you respond to such a pronouncement?   I didn’t share that I wouldn’t know if my husband lacked deodorant because I have yet to adopt that purchase responsibility despite 17 years of marriage.   Instead of responding I sat there respectfully mute while others in attendance offered praise.  Praise? Continue reading

Summer Book Review #27: Lean In

“This doesn’t get me,” remarked Carolyn Bates, a recent Notre Dame grad, from the dressing room of a mid-western retailer.   (Fat Talk Carries a Cost, Hoffman, NYT, 5/28/2013, D4).  This exchange from ‘Fat Talk Carries a Cost‘ highlighted body-centered self-deprecating women speak.  Have you ever heard something like, “I can’t believe I ate that brownie.  I am so fat!” Or responded, “You must be joking, you are not fat.  Just look at my thighs!”   (Fat Talk, NYT, 5/28/2013, D4)    The article identified cultural norms that include all manner of negative retorts meant to maintain relationships.  This doesn’t get me was presented as positive, a pivot. Continue reading