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2012 Summer Book Review Finale: What if?

“I never want to go back to the law,” shared a friend who is a law school graduate and a very accomplished public defender.  Our conversation was interrupted by a swirl of kids ages 2 through 8.   Mid-sentence we conducted an emergency rescue from a climbing structure that resembled a gangly over-sized found-art project.  Public defense?  Idealistic me was instantly mesmerized by the work and its likely impact.  Never? Continue reading

Summer Book Review #25: Meeting at the Crossroads

“I can’t say anything,” said a long-time friend as she shared with me her opinion of a decision facing a mutual friend of ours.    She was catching me up on the news of this friend whom she sees regularly.   Her silence was triggered by an issue related to a child.   The child’s parents disagreed on an educational decision.   You couldn’t possibly say anything?  I was stunned.  Shouldn’t she offer a perspective or talk our friend through some options?  I realize that I’m more confrontational than most…but silence?  Really? Continue reading