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Transition Requirements: Deftness Inside and Out

Do you remember Lawrence Summers’ gaffe regarding women and the sciences?  He referenced a “different availability of aptitude,” in 2005 while addressing an audience as president of Harvard University.  It cost him his job.   Would it surprise you that he might have unknowingly referred to a pervasive cultural bias that most likely affects women in every field, not just the sciences?  Why stop at the fields…this bias is likely present in every transition over the arc of our lives. Continue reading

Transition and Steve Jobs…shared learnings?

Merriam Webster’s Online defines prolific as, “marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity <a prolific composer>.”  I turned to this query after completing Walter Isaacson’s, Steve Jobs (Thorndike Press, 2011).   Prolific, although not a descriptive used by Isaacson, came to mind as I finally closed the book.  Yes, I admit I read a physical version of the book despite the tech infused visionary at its core.   Prolific.  How else can you describe someone who served as the catalyst for a list that includes…the Macintosh, Pixar blockbusters like Toy Story, Apple Stores, iTunes, the iPod, the App Store, the iPad? Prolific? Continue reading