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A special gift….

Yesterday we froze while sitting at Gillette Stadium for the MIAA State Championship game between Holliston and Wahconah.   There were six games being played, all match-ups of division rivals of winning Massachusetts High School teams.   We were there to see my nephew, a sophomore, who played in the final minutes of the game.  While I am sure it was thrilling for him to be down on the field where the Patriots play my take on the game happened on an entirely different level.   I was focused on the contributions of one of his teammates whose efforts seemed extraordinary.  Almost magical. Continue reading

Walking with thanks…

“Thank you,” I wrote in an email last Friday.  The recipient was one of a group of women who have graciously offered to read early drafts of my book.   I complete chapters and ship them off for review and critique.   I wait on pins and needles to hear their response.  What comes back always requires me to do a lot of re-work.  While humbling this couldn’t be a more energizing experience.   In the moment that I wrote that email I realized just how inadequate the phrase ‘thank you’ seemed.  Thank you. Continue reading