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Time for questions?

“I have a passion to know things,” said Morgan Freeman, one of my all time favorite actors, as he responded to Charlie Rose‘s query.  Rose, installed unadorned at his round table, listened intently as Freeman described a pet project of his, “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.”  The cable series investigates the questions that have puzzled humankind, and Freeman, seemingly forever.   During the interview Freeman described himself as having, “a passion to know things.  (As a kid) I was not science minded.  I was an A student because I questioned.”  Questioned? Continue reading

Career and Life Blockers…

Ever heard of blockers?   I picked up on the phrase during my tenure as head of HR and Administration at a large S&P 500 corporation.  A blocker in that context was a person who stood in the way of another’s progression.   For those outside the corporate world this may seem odd so here’s the scoop.   Every year the CEO, the head of HR (yours truly), and all business unit presidents would discuss the ‘talent’ (read: employees) who held the title director or higher.  In our world that numbered more than 400 people. Continue reading

Transition’s detractor: ourselves?

“You kept saying that you ‘didn’t want to go’ but you kept walking backwards so I didn’t stop you,” said an affable guide during a debrief session about my performance.   The event in question was rappelling down a sheer rock face during a 10-day Mountaineering Course with Colorado Outward Bound.   Did I mention that I had never camped before? Continue reading