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Summer Book Review Denouement

“We are now in a position to move forward with you,” boasted a long-awaited email to a friend.  Imagine the excitement.  She’s been networking in pursuit of a new opportunity.   A new direction.  Maybe you’ve seen this movie?  Countless meet and greets.  Electronic job postings.  Online applications.  Long overdue or impersonal responses from hiring companies.   Not this email.   A sparkle?  A validation? Continue reading

Summer Book Review #32: Composing A Life

“I want to do a portfolio of things after graduation,” stated Nelson, a classmate of mine at the Harvard Business School.  We were road tripping to New York City where we each had interviews set up in hopes of post-graduation jobs.  Or so I thought.   Through the conversation I learned he wasn’t interviewing.  He was holding a series of meetings about projects.  Interests.  I remember being fascinated by his unbridled approach.   I loved the concept.  But I quickly dismissed it.  I turned instead to mentally prepping for my interviews.  A singular focus. Continue reading