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A network’s gift….

“I’m going to prove to him that I can,” shared a friend who was struggling with a decision.  She’d been in finance since we left college.  She was really interested in statistics and the insights it could provide.   She was thinking about going back to school for an advanced certificate in stats.   She’d sought the advice of a professor who was involved in the program.    He wasn’t encouraging when they met.  But, his negativity fueled her.   ‘I’ll show him’ she seemed to be saying.   I couldn’t help but wonder if this guy was a barrier or a catalyst for her?  Continue reading

A real jam…

“I’m not used to asking for help,” shared Kate, a dynamic business owner and  mother of six whose husband travels frequently for work.  We were carpooling to a school event.  She had taken a morning off, a rare moment to accompany her daughter’s class on a field trip to The Franklin Park Zoo Help from Kate’s perspective seemed like an unaffordable luxury, one with its own time requirements and bandwidth issues.   Kate repelled help. Continue reading