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Transition’s initial step…..

“Don’t do that when I’m not around,” said my eight year old son.   “I like to learn when you’re on the phone,” he continued.  We were talking about what I do when he is at camp.   I told him that I held conference calls almost constantly while he was gone.  His comment surprised me.  I always perceived my work as an imposition on our time.  In fact I try desperately to manage work around my children’s schedules.  In a million years I wouldn’t have guessed that he would arrive at such a place.  Powerful concept. Learning. Continue reading

A real jam…

“I’m not used to asking for help,” shared Kate, a dynamic business owner and  mother of six whose husband travels frequently for work.  We were carpooling to a school event.  She had taken a morning off, a rare moment to accompany her daughter’s class on a field trip to The Franklin Park Zoo Help from Kate’s perspective seemed like an unaffordable luxury, one with its own time requirements and bandwidth issues.   Kate repelled help. Continue reading

Transition: Embracing ‘New’

“That may be good science — but it is bad archaeology,” said anthropologist and archeologist Professor Rosemary Joyce in the Berkeley Blog last June.   She was critiquing reports of archeological findings in Honduras.   It seems that researchers, although not archeologists, used a plane outfitted with LIDAR, a laser detection technology, to map remote portions of the Honduran jungle rumored to house ‘lost cities.’  Joyce publicly maligned the findings.    Was it simply the technology’s newness that upended her?  Continue reading

Transition: Necessary Anxiety?

“I’ll probably head to the Caribbean with some friends,” remarked a recent college grad during a quick conversation we had over chips and dip at the graduation party of a mutual friend.  Imagine.  No responsibilities for a few weeks or a month.  Wow!  What would you do? Continue reading

What role….money?

“A lot of it comes down to the money,” shared a seasoned business leader from the executive outplacement arena.  I turned to him for some expert advice under the auspices of the Research Jam.  I wondered how to categorize people in transition?    From his perch folks in transition fall into three buckets: those who want to explore a dramatic life or career shift; those who simply wish to replicate their prior selves; and those who want to leverage their life or professional experiences to try something new or entrepreneurial.   What about a common underlying issue?  You guessed it.  Money. Continue reading