“It is unrealistic.” said my son to his long-time pediatrician. She was asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He’s fourteen. She reminded him that at last year’s physical he said, “I want to be a professional basketball player.”  I like her because she stops to ask him these questions. In spite of the cloying requirements of insurers that beg her to quickly move on, she lingers. Listens. Before saying anything more, he looked at me as if to say, ‘Should I tell her?’ Then he added calmly… 

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

“I am not so tall.” Ok, his 5’8″ frame differs markedly from the last person drafted by his beloved Boston Celtics’ who stands 7’6″ tall.

But unrealistic?

His honesty started an important conversation right there in the pediatrician’s office. About dreams and being realistic and reaching. We implored to him keep dreaming, to reach as high as he could imagine, and work hard at whatever he believes is important enough to reach for.

No exceptions. No aging out – whether we are 14 or 44 or 74.

What is your dream?  Have you been diverted by a filter that characterizes it as too unrealistic?

Dreams occupy a special place in my heart. As a kid, I never recall being encouraged to pursue my dreams or for that matter, being encouraged to dream dreams at all.

Perhaps because of this, I’ve gone in the opposite direction as an adult. I dream boldly and enthusiastically.  My dreams are an integral part of who I am – a necessary beacon, guiding me forward. Essential. Persistent. Dare I say, unfiltered?

My dream is to change how the world thinks about transitions.

Transitions are immensely important in our lives and too often overlooked.  The process of transition allows us to grow throughout our lifetime.  Without it, we risk going through our lives and barely living.

Dreams serve as an important enabler of transitioning. They help us choose a direction and a course of action. Some people can quickly conjure a dream. Others really struggle to do so.  There is no judgment if you find yourself in the latter category. In fact, I’ve observed time and again that the best dreaming really starts with self reflection. Through reflection we gain an awareness of what influences us. This is often more powerful than having a light bulb moment or possessing an idea for the perfect dream.  By reflecting on ‘who we are’ and ‘what brings us to transition,’ we begin to see what is in front of us in a new light. This pivot is the source of energy and can bring clarity to dreams that lie just outside our view.

Life begs us to ‘live’ fully. We can’t wait until we are the right height or the right size or the right (you fill in the blank) to go forward. We need simply to imagine what will engage our hearts and begin to walk in that direction. Along the way we may be introduced to another angle or lens that can make our dreams better, fuller and even more resplendent.

I am a perfect example of the value of dreams. My walk in the direction of my dreams has led to nearly a decade of continuous enchantment – a pursuit that completes me like nothing else ever has.  I say that and recognize that my journey has changed what my dream looks like and it has changed me right along with it. Had I never begun, none of this would  be possible.

This summer as you enjoy the warm breezes, take a  moment or two to think about walking forward on the other side of what might be ‘unrealistic’ for you. May you embrace this possibility and recognize the energy and power that awaits you there.

Is it time to give voice to your dream?

Linda R. (

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