RBGs Invitation

RIP RBG. You left us at an unprecedented moment. We have a global pandemic, an increasingly dour economic outlook, deepening societal unrest, and a stark reminder that democracy is not a spectator sport.

Within all of that, I see you gazing in my direction with your slight frame, your tilted head, and knowing smile. You are imploring me to recognize something under the surface that no obituary or review of your jurisprudence captures. It is an invitation to see something important and to act.

Can you imagine what RBG is imploring us to see?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg courtesy of the LA Times

The first lesson embedded in RBG’s invitation underscores the importance of our voices. RBG’s life illustrated the promise and awesome power of engaging our voices. This act of engaging is transition – a process by which we choose to live in concert with those those things that hold value and meaning to us. We all define value and meaning in our own unique fashion. How we define it matters not. That we do matters enormously.

RBG focused on what she loved and believed to be important. Little did we know that she gave us all front row seats to a modern-day passion play.

Her own.

Are you willing to make such a courageous choice to live in concert with what holds value and meaning to you?

The second lesson embedded RBG’s invitation has to do with genuine relationships that can supply affirmation and recognition of our unique voices. RBG had Marty Ginsburg, a man before his time but a man representative of our time.

I want to be clear on something here. The absence of a person or persons who can recognize and affirm our voices is way more meaningful than the absence of a home cooked meal. As Anna Fels, a psychiatrist who studied women’s progress and wrote a provocative book called Necessary Dreams, concluded, “if sources of recognition are unavailable or inadequate or outside of a woman’s control, the chances are dim that she will thrive in her chosen enterprise” (Fels, Necessary Dreams, 2004, pg 98).

What constitutes your support structure? Is it Marty-esque?

My wish for you today is that you accept RBG’s invitation to act on your own behalf.  Let us hear your voice and support you as you decouple from those around you who are unwilling to be Marty-esque.

Thank you RBG for your work and continuing lessons.

Linda R. (linda@lindarossetti.com – remember 2 s’s and 2 t’s!)


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