A torn little scrap of paper. Hot pink if you must know. It was once a post it note. The adhesive is long gone. I found it in the rubble that constitutes the contents of my day bag.  In spite of its humble origins and slightly dog-eared presentment it was a life saver.   A simple gift. Continue reading

A special gift….

Yesterday we froze while sitting at Gillette Stadium for the MIAA State Championship game between Holliston and Wahconah.   There were six games being played, all match-ups of division rivals of winning Massachusetts High School teams.   We were there to see my nephew, a sophomore, who played in the final minutes of the game.  While I am sure it was thrilling for him to be down on the field where the Patriots play my take on the game happened on an entirely different level.   I was focused on the contributions of one of his teammates whose efforts seemed extraordinary.  Almost magical. Continue reading

Walking with thanks…

“Thank you,” I wrote in an email last Friday.  The recipient was one of a group of women who have graciously offered to read early drafts of my book.   I complete chapters and ship them off for review and critique.   I wait on pins and needles to hear their response.  What comes back always requires me to do a lot of re-work.  While humbling this couldn’t be a more energizing experience.   In the moment that I wrote that email I realized just how inadequate the phrase ‘thank you’ seemed.  Thank you. Continue reading

Time and Transition

Where do you invest your time?  Seems like an overly simplistic question doesn’t it?   Time.  I am in a zone where every minute matters so I am regularly thinking about time.  Does your time allocation say anything about where you are in your transition? Continue reading

In search of voice

Voice.  To me voice represents the means by which we communicate what we care about to others.  It might best be described as the framework we offer to others about ourselves.   While oral…it also has significant non-verbal components.  How do you think about voice? Continue reading

A mantra

“You get to decide how you show up,”  I said as I spoke with a roomful of women.  We were talking about transition and the stress that can accompany its triggers.  We’d spent the past ten minutes sharing stories about the obstacles that can get in our way….everyday.  A boss.  A difficult mother-in-law.  A husband who is channeling the 1950’s.  An illness.   An upcoming marriage.  Retirement.  Tons of life events can qualify.  Most of us have experienced at least one of these.  Here’s the tricky part.  What impact have you allowed it to have on your day?  Your demeanor?  Continue reading


“Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? ” I concluded to a friend this week.  I had been awake since 3 a.m. that morning.   For what?  All sorts of issues – there seemed innumerable topics to toggle through.  Writing challenges.  A looming deadline.  Congressional-like politics at one of my jobs.  A home renovation project whose end point keeps receding.   A family going in all different directions – literally – while managing in temporary living quarters.   Did I mention that I hadn’t gone in weeks for my beloved 5:15 am walk with a neighbor?  Silliness.  Right? Continue reading


“If I had to do it again I wouldn’t give so much energy to the down cycle,” shared Cindy in an early interview for my book.  She had been a researcher/scientist at a well-known bio tech company in CA.   Cindy was no shrinking flower.  She started out as a PhD candidate who was handpicked while still a student to join a cross-disciplinary team at her future employer.  Post graduation she ignored feelings that she wasn’t really happy in what she was doing.   When she and her female partner moved to the East Coast for her partner’s job Cindy began to honor her feelings more.   “I am surprised at how personal it was. My transition was long, evolving and gradual.” Continue reading

Altered States….

“So this really is my problem.  I can figure out what I want to do with it.” shared a tall understated woman who had joined our Focus Group.   “It’s freeing. I feel like I can be anything I want to be.”  Everyone in the room nodded in support. “It’s also confusing.  It’s like being a teenager again. You know, when they ask you, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’  Well, who knows!”  Everyone chuckled.  She was lighthearted. And yet mildly sad by the hypocrisy of it all.  Hadn’t she dreamt of this moment for years as she supported everyone else? Now a pivot.   To what? Continue reading

V is for….

Voice.  Do you exercise yours?  On the surface it seems like a silly question.  But I’m not talking about vocal capabilities.   I’m wondering about voice as our expression of ourselves, our opinions.  Powerful.  Impactful.  Or muted.  Underutilized?  How would you characterize your voice?      Continue reading